Continuing Coverage

    Double Jump 3 was a blast this weekend, with guests Andrew Santino, Garnett Lee, and Grant Cotter.

    Here is the comedy sketch we debuted Saturday night at the show:



    Double Jump 3

    Stand up comic Christian Spicer and I are teaming up once again to bring our late night comedy and video game show to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre.  This will be our third Double Jump show, and we've got some fantastic guests and surprises to make this one the best yet.  Check out the poster, and head over to the UCB website to grab tickets!


    Center of the Fringe

    The play I'm doing with the unruly title is part of the LA Fringe Festival.  We've been getting sell-out audiences our first 2 weeks, with no signs of slowing down through July 8.  Come join in on the fun!

    You can get tickets here, but be aware it is very much R-rated entertainment, with nudity and adult situations - just like your favorite HBO TV show!


    More Appearances

    Stopped in on of my favorite audio podcasts on the web, the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call, to chat with the awesome guys there about E3 and games.  You can find that episode here.

    I also missed posting the very fun episode of Breaking it Down I did a while back with the hilarious Catherine Reitman.  I am a huge fan of Catherine and had a blast talking Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies with her, and generally goofing off.  Check it out:


    Big Week in Jeff

    The E3 expo last week resulted in a lot of guest appearances for me, all across the web.  Not the least of which was Leo Laporte's show, This Week in Tech.  I've been a huge fan of TWiT for years, so it is always a treat to be on myself, and I had the pleasure of joining Andy Ihnatko this time for a discussion of games, WWDC, and more.  Check it out:


    I also had a fun time hanging with one of my favorite Revision3 hosts, Anthony Carboni, summing up our best, worst, and most surprising of E3, right from the show floor.  Here is our chat: