2/3 of TRS on AOTS for The Hobbit

    I was so happy to participate in one of the last few episodes of Attack of the Show on G4.  Doubly happy, since it was to talk about The Hobbit, and triply happy, since the guest host was none other than my friend and former TRS co-host, Alex Albrecht!  Check out the video below.



    My Hobbit Review

    Got a chance to see The Hobbit early, but I don't have TRS to talk about what I thought!  Sure, I'll be discussing it on Attack of the Show tomorrow (G4 network, check local listings), but who wants to wait for that?  Check out my spoiler-free review below:


    Skating along the Surface

    Time for another Always On tech torture video, featuring yours truly!  This time, I got ahold of the new Microsoft Surface tablet (which I really enjoyed using before I had to break it), and came up with some dasterdly ways to use - and abuse - it, that aren't exactly what it was intended.  Tablet baking sheet, anyone?

    Hope you enjoy:


    Two on the Twit Network

    I had a chance to guest on two different Tom Merrit shows on the TWiT network recently.  Here is my appearance on Tech News Today, with Sarah Lane and Iyaz Akhtar.  Had a great time.

    My Christmas tree and I also sat in on the most recent episode of Frame Rate, with Tom and Brian Brushwood.  Huge fans of those guys, so it was a treat.


    Ground Game Season Finale!

    Election Day has come and gone, but you can still enjoy the ridiculousness of politics by watching the comedy web series I was lucky enough to be a part of... Ground Game.

    The last 2 episodes have hit, and you can watch them below.  We are hoping for a season 2, so please click 'Like' on the videos, and be sure to tell your friends!