Your Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Man Reviews

    Are you a fan of the ol' web-head like I am?  Well, I got you covered with my reviews of the biggest summer happenings in the Spidey-verse.  First up, my review of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, hitting theaters this week:

    And I've also got my take on the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 comic book hitting newstands this week from Marvel Comics:

    If you're looking for a spoiler-filled discussion about Amazing Spider-Man 2, I also joined the /Filmcast this week to jaw even more about it.  Check that out here.


    Cannata Stop Gushing about The Winter Soldier

    You can hear me shout from the rooftops about how great Captain America: The Winter Soldier is (and how even more disappointing it makes Man of Steel to me) in no fewer than THREE places this week.

    I had a blast hanging out with the comic book experts at iFanboy for their special episode about the film.  You can listen to that here.

    I stopped in to my friends at the /Filmcast to praise the movie on their show here.

    And I recorded my own fresh impressions, moments after getting home from seeing it in my NLB Mini on the movie here:

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!  Make Mine Marvel!


    DLC March Madness! The Final Match up!

    This is it!  Through all the controversy, arguments, votes, and discussion... two games now enter and one game will leave.

    This is the Championship round and YOUR VOTE will determine our ultimate champion.

    Here is the updated bracket, based on last week's Final Four episode of DLC.  CHeck it out and GET YOUR VOTE IN before Monday, April 7.



    NLB Minis: Great Comics, a Huge Phone, and Death Itself

    In the latest batch of NLB minis, I talk about a couple of excellent comic books you should be reading, my experience with the Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone, and how I'm back to being hooked on Diablo 3 and its new expansion, Reaper of Souls.  Check them out:



    DLC March Madness Final Four!

    Was it difficult? Yes!  Was there controversy?  You bet!  But are we down to the Final Four?  Epic!

    DLC's month-long quest to crown the champion of video games has reached its penultimate round.  And now YOUR votes will determine the championship showdown!  Check out the bracket below and get your votes in by Monday, March 31st!  Then listen to DLC on 5by5 to hear how it turns out.