NLB Minis: Great Comics, a Huge Phone, and Death Itself

    In the latest batch of NLB minis, I talk about a couple of excellent comic books you should be reading, my experience with the Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone, and how I'm back to being hooked on Diablo 3 and its new expansion, Reaper of Souls.  Check them out:



    DLC March Madness Final Four!

    Was it difficult? Yes!  Was there controversy?  You bet!  But are we down to the Final Four?  Epic!

    DLC's month-long quest to crown the champion of video games has reached its penultimate round.  And now YOUR votes will determine the championship showdown!  Check out the bracket below and get your votes in by Monday, March 31st!  Then listen to DLC on 5by5 to hear how it turns out.



    NLB Minis: True Detective and The Muppets: Most Wanted

    New "fun size" episodes of Newest Latest Best this week, with my take on HBO's True Detective, and the sequel to the recent Muppets reboot, Muppets: Most Wanted!

    Check them out:



    Grand Budapest Hotel review on /Filmcast

    Once again I've joined the /Filmcast for a movie review - in fact, you should keep your eyes out for me showing up there semi-regularly!  This time, I help the guys review the new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson, and thought his recent Moonrise Kingdom was one of the best films of his career, so give the show a listen to hear my thoughts on his follow up to that masterpiece!


    The Elite Eight! DLC March Madness rolls on!

    Oh, it's getting interesting now!

    The Video Game March Madness Tournament we've been doing on my weekly audio show at 5by5, DLC, has reached the Elite Eight.  Your votes and calls in help determine the winner, so check out the updated bracket below, and get your votes in before next Monday, March 24th!


    Go VOTE HERE!!